Archives for 2017

WiFi Spectrum Analysis

WiFi Spectrum Analysis with Cisco 3600 Series AP and Outdoor antenna

Rsyslog with MariaDB template

Changing Rsyslog's default template for a MariaDB database

Quick overview of the 802.11 standards

A quick overview of the 802.11 standards for Wireless networks

Convert Cisco 2600 Series Access Point

Short instructions how to convert a Cisco 2600 Series Access Point

Common Cisco switch port errors

Overview of common Cisco switch port errors and causes

Secure Cisco console with AAA

How to secure the Cisco console with AAA

New Cisco switch for my network

New Cisco switch for my network: WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U

Move SSH port on Cisco devices

How to move SSH port on Cisco devices to another port than TCP/22

Neue Website online

Neue Website online (First blog post, just for "historic reasons")