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  2. Web projects
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  4. Cisco DevNet
  5. Contact emails and PGP keys


Hi, I’m Stefan Thierolf and this is my web site. I’m an IT specialist system integration (Fachinformatiker Systemintegration) and work as Sr. Professional Consultant IT Network and Communication for a global automotive supplier. I lived in the United States (New Hampshire) for about five years and moved back to good old Germany end-of-2018.

I like to blog about Information Technology, Network, Linux and Security, therefore most of my blog posts are of “technical” nature.

I’m building networks for more than 20 years. With networks I mean computer networks. In most cases I’m dealing with Cisco hardware like switches, wireless controller and access points as well firewalls. And I’m doing other things like looking for innovations and IT security. I’m also writing technical documents and guides. Sometimes I develop source code and smaller software projects - So I might be a something like a devop - But I prefer to call it “automate things”…

Web projects

I’m running the domains thierolf.org and the Mastodon-Instance odenwald.social (also reachable at odw.social) and love the free internet. Therefore I am not on the typical META social networks like facebook or instagram.


Cisco DevNet

Contact emails and PGP keys

Email: stefan [AT] thierolf [DOT] org

Email: hello [AT] thierolf [DOT] org

Email: webmaster [AT] thierolf [DOT] org

Email: webmaster [AT] odenwald [DOT] social