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German laws demand to have an imprint (Impressum) on a web site.

Service provider

Stefan Thierolf
Rudolf-Marburg Str. 24
64720 Michelstadt


hello [AT] thierolf [DOT] org


Journalistic content

Responsible for content:
Stefan Thierolf
Rudolf-Marburg Str. 24
64720 Michelstadt

Liability and property rights

Links to other websites:
For the content of other websites that I refer directly or indirectly are outside my area of ​​responsibility and I do not own those. I reject all responsibilities for all content and disadvantages that might arise from the usage of the information on the linked websites.

Notes on legal violations:
If you notice legal violations within my website, please inform me about this. I will remove unlawful content and links immediately after your information.

Notice about private website:
This blog is neither operated by nor in cooperation with my employer. The responsibility for the content is alone with me.

The content and work created by the site operator on these pages are subject to German copyright law. The Copyright owner is Stefan Thierolf. The created content and work is licensed under CCBY-NC-SA 4.0.